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Sparks [Deluxe Edition CD]

Imogen Heap

Track Listing:
Disc: 1Disc: 2
1. You Know Where To Find Me1. You Know Where To Find Me (Instrumental)
2. Entanglement2. Entanglement (Instrumental)
3. The Listening Chair3. The Listening Chair (Instrumental)
4. Cycle Song4. Cycle Song (Instrumental)
5. Telemiscommunications5. Telemiscommunications (Instrumental)
6. Lifeline6. Lifeline (Instrumental)
7. Neglected Space7. Neglected Space (Instrumental)
8. Minds Without Fear8. Minds Without Fear (Instrumental)
9. Me The Machine9. Me The Machine (Instrumental)
10. Run-Time10. Run–Time (Instrumental)
11. Climb To Sakteng11. Climb To Sakteng (Instrumental)
12. The Beast12. The Beast (Instrumental)
13. Xizi She Knows13. Xizi She Knows (Instrumental)
14. Propeller Seeds14. Propeller Seeds (Instrumental)

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